The Gestoos Technology platform

Expanding Human Interaction

Gestoos is the missing link between technology and people

The story

Three young engineers working in the 'Image and Video Processing' unit of of the Polytechnics University of Barcelona had a vision: gesture interaction will disrupt how humans interact with machines.

"What if we could control sound, light, or any computer application with simple gestures? From domotics to in-store retail. From in-car to on-deck remote control. From kitchens to surgery rooms, you no longer need to “touch” to interact with devices."

The solution

Gestoos is a machine learning platform that identifies human behaviour using Computer Vision. You can create products that:
a) enable gestural interactions with physical objects, spaces and screen-based interfaces
b) understand human behavior in specific contexts

The software allows users to connect their gestures to functions. The SDK can be programmed to create custom Gestures, sleeping patterns and motion detection. It also features a machine learning mechanism to improve gesture capturing and user adaptation.

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Gestoos for Digital Signage and Retail

Turn your screens into immersive playgrounds.
Think small or big. We can do both. Our Gestoos Z technology can support any screen set up that suits your needs.

Gestoos™ for Automotive

Gestoos Artificial Intelligence can be applied to recognize the driver’s state of attention and trigger the appropriate alert.
With Gestoos drivers can also control the dashboard, to accept or reject calls from their mobile devices, control the temperature, adjust the music volume or switch to another track. These are just some examples to start with.


Gestoos™ for Smart Home Automation

Gestoos users will be able to use gestures to control lights, sound and media playback across different appliances at home.
Any appliance compatible with HomeKit or Airplay can be supported.

Exipple Studio combines design and technology to deliver great User Experiences. Along with Gestoos computer vision and gestural interaction software, we are reinventing how people interact with objects.

For more information on our Gestoos platform, please check out the website: