Exipple is a technology company that specialises in Human Technology Interaction, object and human behaviour recognition and gestural interaction.

Our technology “Gestoos™” is the first narrow Artificial Intelligence that allows to create smart environments that understand object and human behaviour.
Gestoos enables gestural interactions with objects and devices. It uses a machine learning mechanism which respects people’s privacy by using anonymised data.

To gain an in depth understanding of Gestoos, download the SDK or end user application. Experience the full list of features and benefits of the technology:

We have everything you need to kick start your own exciting project with Gestoos!

Gestoos technology has an immense potential to enhance your product, by enabling new, differentiating user experiences, no matter which industry segment you are working in.

We offer you:

Design and User Experience Services

We are here to help you discover the exciting opportunities that Gestoos™ can bring to your own product or service. We support your journey to innovation through a range of services, including:

Discovery Workshops, Engineering Consultation, UX Research, Interaction and Visual Design and Front-end development.

Technical customisation

We offer an additional service to our clients who want to go beyond the capabilities of the Gestoos SDK. For example:

-Adapt Gestoos SDK features to physical set ups and hardware of clients
-Creation of new data models to recognise new gestures/objects/behaviours

In collaboration with medium sized to fortune 500 companies we are currently working on:

Digital Signage and Retail

- Turn your screens into interactive experiences.
- Measure actual traffic, interest and engagement.


- Intuitive car dashboard control through gestures
- Safety improvements based on driver behavior analysis

Smart Home Automation

- Easy and intuitive control in your home environment.
- Use Gestoos to control home appliances

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